Welcome to VLGE

Welcome to VLGE  [VIL] + [IJ]

Our Users create gamified, collaborative 3D immersive worlds in minutes.
We provide them with our no-code software tools to enable them to build the future of the internet.
We enable collaborative content creation through VLGE to redefine the worlds of fashion, gaming, entertainment and work. VLGE is powering the Future of Sustainable Digital Immortality.

Brands as Destinations
Access everywhere
Who are the vlge users today?

Brands and designers are using VLGE 3D worlds to sell their products with instant utility and check out.
They engage their communities, includING them in IMPACTFUL activities and co-creation.

Brands and designers are able to generate videos, images and IMMERSIVE events in real-time.
They are able to generate constant flow of content and activate UGC INDEPENDENTLY.

Brands create games and other interactive activities like CUSTOM NPCs, collectibleS and games to engage theIR community.

Our vision

Our vision is to lead the transformation of online interactions and experiences from fashion to gaming.

VLGE is where the "one-person billion dollar brands" are born.

We change the world by providing creators with tools to empower them to create branded and custom spaces that are verified, hyper-personalized and one with the physical reality.


Collaborate, connect with real-world lifestyles, and create your digital self in real-time.

VLGE AI aims to forge a dynamic connection between the real world and the VLGE virtual games and its communities. Enabling users to seamlessly gamify their experiences in real-time.

backed by

We're incredibly proud to be advised by experts from leading companies like Nike, Dentsu, The Paper Magazine, and More. We are backed by VENREX VC, British Fashion Council, Venture Reality Fund, LOreal Groupe's BOLD CVC, NOIA Capital, and select strategic angels.

awards and recognition

Contact us

For Custom Content and Enterprise Plan please reach out to HELLO@VLGE.COM

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