Welcome to VLGE

Welcome to VLGE  [VIL] + [IJ]
What if the Attention Economy could be curated, and commercialized while empowering the end users?
We enable our users to build interoperable, hyper-personalized and gamified 3D worlds in minutes.

Build as you go
Own what you create
Access everywhere
We enable our users to build interoperable, hyper-personalized game 3D worlds in minutes.

Our vision

Our vision is to lead the transformation of online interactions and experiences from shopping to gaming. VLGE is where you live virtually. It is your space, verified ,hyper-personalized and one with your physical reality.


VLGE AI aims to forge a dynamic connection between the real world and the VLGE virtual games and its communities. Enabling users to seamlessly gamify their experiences in real-time.

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backed by

We're incredibly proud to be advised by experts from leading companies like Wave, Sandbox, The Paper Magazine, and received investment from VENREX, Venture Reality Fund, BFC, LOreal Groupe's BOLD, NOIA Capital, and others.

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