VLGE Subprocessors

To support delivery of our Services, VLGE engages certain Sub-Processors to Process Customer Personal Data in accordance with the terms and conditions of our VLGE: Data Processing Addendum (available at: [INSERT]) (the “DPA”).

This VLGE Sub-Processor Site contains important information about such Sub-Processors engaged by us from time to time to Process Customer Personal Data, including their functions and locations. Customers are responsible for ensuring that the appropriate person within their organisation subscribes to receive updates to this Sub-Processor Site and our list of Sub-Processors.

You may subscribe to notifications by email if we add or replace any Sub-Processors by completing the form available here. If you opt-in to receive such email, we will notify you at least 30 days prior to any such change.

Service Provided




Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud Service Provider

United States

ActiveCampaign (PostMark)

Marketing Email Provider

United States

Exit Games (Photon Engine)

Real-time Multiplayer Networking & Server Hosting


Google (Google Cloud Console)

Identity and Access Management, Email, File Storage

United States

Monday (monday.com)

Forms, Surveys, Customer Relationship Management



Security Compliance Automation

United States


Payment Gateway and Subscription Management

United States


User tracking and Analytics

United States


Bug tracking, Issue tracking, and Agile project management

United States