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VLGE Product Update


We are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancement to the V-BLDR: multiplayer functionality. With this new feature, users can now connect with friends and individuals worldwide in real-time, fostering collaborative exploration and shared experiences. Embark on creative journeys together, discovering new dimensions of excitement and innovation hand in hand with companions.

Avatar System

Ready Player Me Integration

We have now enabled Ready Player Me as the latest avatar system integrated into V-BLDR! With Ready Player Me, users gain access to an avatar platform for crafting their avatars, tailored to reflect their individuality within the game. Embrace an extensive selection of customization options to authentically express your style and personality, elevating your immersion within the V-BLDR universe.


The VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is now on V-BLDR! Communicate seamlessly with your friends as you explore and play in real-time. Our new VOIP feature enhances your multiplayer experience, allowing for clear and instant voice communication. For video share option, contact (SME Tier only*)

New Templates

Explore the new free to use VLGE worlds, ready to go live on the browser. Check out the retail and events inspired templates published and available for use now! For custom templates, contact (SME Tier only*)

Editable Lighting System

Improved Lighting

We've significantly improved the internal lighting across all our templates and worlds in V-BLDR! Our enhanced lighting system brings more beauty and realism to your creations, with deeper shadows, richer colors, and a more immersive atmosphere. Dive into V-BLDR and experience your favorite worlds like never before, illuminated with stunning new detail!

Improved UI

New UI

We're pleased to announce that the redesigned UI for V-BLDR is now live! Crafted with a focus on intuitiveness and user-friendliness, our revamped interface delivers a visually pleasing experience. Seamlessly navigate through the platform and immerse yourself in the sleek design that elevates your gaming experience.

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