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Enhance Visual Customization

Custom UI System

You can now add custom UI and HUD elements to your experiences. Use this to fine-tune the visual aspects of your world. Create and integrate unique UI components to elevate the user experience in your virtual environments.

Use of Storage - File Over Recommended Size

Pop-ups for Managing User Upload Data Storage

In our effort to make the V-BLDR as simple to use as possible, we have introduced automatic pop-up messages to inform you when you might be trying to use a file larger than we recommend.

Enhanced Performance and Quality

Improvements to the Existing Templates

Many of our existing templates have received fine-tuning, improving their technical performance and visual quality! Experience better efficiency and aesthetics with our updated templates, designed to elevate your projects.

Expanded Template Collection

We have now added five new templates to the selection of VLGE free templates. You can find two bedrooms and two VLGE Maison buildings integrated into different environments. In addition, you can see Template No. 32, recently added based on your request for a smaller, more minimalistic world. This template also features a dual lighting system, combining baked lighting and real-time lighting casting shadows. Explore our new additions, designed to offer greater variety and functionality in creating your virtual environments.

Enhanced User Interface

Numerous UI Improvements

A number of our UI elements have been enhanced with sharper quality and improved responsiveness. Experience a more polished and responsive interface with our updated UI elements.

Seamlessly Connect Your Worlds

Open URL in Same Tab / Portal Functionality

In the past, you could add URLs to objects for people to click and discover. Now, you can choose whether those links should open in a new tab or the same tab as V-BLDR. Opening links in the same tab is an easy way to directly link and connect multiple of your worlds. Simply include a link to your other experience as part of your current experience and have it open in the same tab. Effortlessly integrate multiple experiences by using the new same-tab link functionality, creating a smooth and interconnected user journey.

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